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NTE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is a dynamically developing innovative Russian company, manufactur ing modern pump equipment for enterprises in the field of oil and gas industry, oil and gas refining, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as for other enterprises and industries with high standards of sanitary and environmental cleanliness of technological processes must be observed, since 2008. The team of NTE LLC is a united team of professionals with great experience in the field of design, manufacture, repair and service maintenance of leak-free centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling and related equipment. The main products of NTE LLC are leak-free electric centrifugal sectional pump units with magnetic coupling brand NTSSG-E, mass-produced in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications TU 3631-001-86575856-2008, and applied spares. Designs and manufactures leak-free electric pump units with patented magnetic coupling of NTSSG-E brand with pressure head up to 4000 m and flow rate from 0.3 m3/h to 700 m3/h.


125430 г. Москва, ул. Митинская 16, офис 406 Б.



Oleg Melnikov

Executive Vice President – Head of Contract Support Department

Igor Smirnov

Deputy Head of Contract Support Department

Vladimir Valyagin

Head of Division for O&G Contract Support - Contract Support Department

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