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Since its foundation in 1978, Bluewater has built a technological lead specialising in design, development, lease and operation of floating production systems, and innovative Single Point Mooring systems.

Floating production, storage and offloading systems. Bluewater builds, owns and operates floating production, storage and offloading systems (FPSOs). The company also provides operational and logistic management and support for FPSO and FSO systems, and currently holds and operates five FPSOs. The vessels are designed to high specification and operates in the harshest environmental conditions, under the most stringent regulatory regimes.

Single point mooring systems. Bluewater delivers the most innovative SPM solutions, including catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys and (arctic) towers, soft yoke systems and both internal (disconnectable) as well as external turret mooring systems During the past 35 years, the company has delivered more than 100 CALM buoy systems and 25 tower and turret mooring systems.

LNG systems. Bluewater Has developed cryogenic offshore transfer system, to allow the transfer of LNG between ships or between the ship and a fixed loading point. The LNG transfer systems are based on a patented large bore flexible cryogenic aerial hose that allows LNG transfer under harsh environmental conditions.

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